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About Coaching

What is Coaching?

Dr. Nicely, San Francisco Psychologist

The focus of coaching is on the future, the possible, and your personal strengths.

The goal of coaching is to help you learn to live in such a way that your actions in life sustain your core values and purpose. From your life's meaning and purpose, we derive choices that you make responsibly.

Much of coaching is about taking action.

Performance coaching can help you fine tune specific skills, clarify goals, and formulate definite plans for action.

Transformative coaching occurs at a higher level, which means that the focus is to create a fundamental shift in your perspective, values, potential, or future life course.

I begin the coaching relationship by helping you clarify your values, dreams, and sources of personal inspiration.

We examine your strengths and clearly define a vision for the future. The coaching relationship helps you take action toward your vision, making it become a reality.

I specialize in bringing you psychological know-how to help move your plans into achievable action steps.

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