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About Coaching

How Can Coaching Help Me?

Personal and life coaching can help you in several areas:

  • Achieve fulfillment and satisfaction - Are there areas of your life you'd like to improve?
  • Expand your horizons and yourself - Do you feel satisfied and fulfilled in your life? Are you looking to expand or develop in new areas?
  • Find balance, serenity, and meaning in your life.
  • Live powerfully - Are you doing what you really want? Are your relationships healthy and happy?
  • Personal transformation - What is possible for you? Do you want to make the possible a reality?

You can also use coaching for a variety of work-related challenges. Sometimes helps to focus on specific issues that coaching can help you effectively address, such as:

  • Creating personal fulfillment and satisfaction at work and at home
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Effectively managing staff, a work group, or project team
  • Making a career transition
  • Becoming more assertive, less perfectionistic, and happier at work
  • Learning new skills, such as communication or leadership, to perform your job better
  • Finding work-life balance and coping with stress or change

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Here is a summary of some other areas that coaching might help you with:

  • Executive Development - expand your abilities in interpersonal skills, effective communication, leadership, team building, or business development.
  • Students - finish your research projects and graduate!
  • Clinicians - expand your practice through action marketing skills.
  • Mid-life transitions - start a new career or learn successful aging strategies.
  • Start your own business or develop your entrepreneurial skills.

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