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My Specialty Areas

Career Coaching

A significant part of our life is dedicated to finding and building a career, and it's a necessity to get the things we want. Perhaps you're not in the career field of your choice, or maybe you've tried one career and are ready to begin another - maybe it just hasn't turned out to be as satisfying as you thought it would be.

If you find yourself complaining frequently about your job, feel bored most of the time, or consider yourself "burned-out" at work, then you might want to consider a career transition.

I can help you explore your experience and interests, make a gameplan, work with you while you test the waters, and help you develop attainable goals with specific action plans to achieve them.

I help you identify your passions in the work arena, encouraging you to take control and find a career that is both satisfying and fulfilling.

Stuck in Middle Management

You've worked hard to get where you are, and have made the right moves to reach a position in middle or upper management, but aren't sure what to do next.

Should you stay in your current position? Should you make a move? Not sure if you want to be in the same position in five years?

Coaching can help you explore the possibilities and make a plan that puts you in charge, rather than waiting for the organization to decide your fate.

I help people explore all of their opportunities, combine their wants and needs into an actionable plan, and help you move forward in new directions.

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