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Psychologist, License PSY18892

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My Specialty Areas

Executive Development

Executives are under enormous pressure to perform, moreso now than ever. Business leaders are becoming increasingly aware that many of today's business problems are related to the people who do the work. Learning new skills in interpersonal communication, leadership, team building, and other areas may give you both the competitive edge and personal satisfaction you're looking for.

Coaching can help you solve specific problems related to your business or role in the organization, and it can help you enhance your skills. First, we'll examine your competencies, strengths, and weaknesses relevant to the problem. Next, we'll set specific objectives to be reached, and determine how progress will be measured. Specific behaviors that need to be improved or changed will be part of the program. We'll customize a coaching program that fits with both you and your organization so that your personal and professional goals are in sync.

In our coaching sessions, we'll focus on learning new skills and practicing new behaviors. You'll have the opportunity to get important and instantaneous feedback to help you move forward.

Psychologists have the expertise to enhance the effectiveness of human behavior. I work with executives to help you develop skills that advance your career, solve your business or personnel problems, and make you more interpersonally skilled.

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