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About Coaching

How Does Coaching Work?

Personal coaching focuses on your unique strengths and harnesses that creative power to bring your plans together. Typically, the coaching relationship is structured as follows:

  • We meet individually for about an hour each week, either in person or on the telephone
  • You take action toward your goals each week, building on your success and being accountable for your choices
  • I facilitate your progress through feedback, action planning, and follow-up. We have consistent dialogue on important issues and devise creative means for overcoming obstacles
  • We continue the coaching relationship until you are satisfied with the outcomes, usually from three to eighteen months depending on the complexity of your objectives
  • The primary goal of coaching is always to actualize your potential

The Coaching Agenda

The coaching process begins with establishing a connection and conducting an assessment. From there, we work at articulating the vision for your preferred future and take action to bring it into reality.

In the first few sessions, we'll develop a coaching agenda based upon the problem you wish to solve, or the personal vision you wish to create.

The agenda follows naturally from defining both who you are and what you want to create in your life (at home or at work). We'll assess your personal strengths, explore your interests, establish the values that drive you forward, understand your areas of passion, and learn about your life's peak experiences.

Coaching is a co-active and holistic process. Co-active means that the coaching agenda originates from you, and the coaching relationship is designed as a supportive alliance.

You'll have the opportunity through the process of coaching to increase your self-awareness, examine any self-limiting thoughts or behaviors that become obstacles to your success, and work toward self-acceptance of both your strengths and weaknesses.

Coaching is based upon a firm commitment to growth, and includes identifying and cultivating personal support that will increase the likelihood of your success.

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